Wrestling revolution 3d 2K19 Version

The game gained very much popularity as it provided the gamers the fun of wwe 2k series in Android for just 100MB and was liked by many people including me. 

I am sure that if you are a wwe fan then you would also had played this wonderful game in your life but as you may be knowing that the game also has some in app purchase to edit player stats and to open much more features like new clothes, new arenas, new rings and the backstage pass. 

Here is the moded version of the game which includes those features with the backstage pass. This game also includes : 
  1. New moves
  2. New costumes 
  3. New arenas
  4. New weapons 
  5. Backlash, wrestle mania and many other Paperview backgrounds
  6. New sound effects 
  7. New background wallpapers

If you are a wwe fan like me then you will surely download this game for free. Just clicking the below download link. 

Still downloading then see these pics from the game.