GTA  5 (read full article) 

GTA 5 for Android is one of the most awaited games for the indian Android gamer community. And today for all those gamers I bought this game of GTA 5 for Android which will work in Android 5.0 and up. 

GTA 5 is a game by Rockstar games and is for pc it's existence for Android is still not there or do not exist any Android version but still in many platform it is being distributed by the people by making fool of our gamers for ex on YouTube you will find thousand of videos which will give you the link to download GTA 5 but the link will olnot work or it may lead to download an app that will pay the YouTubers. 

But in today's blog I bought for you a very short game of GTA 5 only for those who just want to show of by showing it to others.

Here is the download link:
 GTA 5

Here are some of the photos: